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Our first foray into providing design consultancy and solutions for community driven, non-profit empowering people of color. The Utah Black Chamber is an award-winning multidisciplinary team based all across Utah; with chapters in Salt Lake City, Utah County, Northern Utah, and Southern Utah. Our leader Karen had previously helped craft, create, and manage several campaigns and investments in the city to help in building a real tech presence for entrepreneurs like herself and others. Our passions for entrepreneurship aligned with our core beliefs which made the partnership a key example of how we utilize our career experience to benefit and establish a true impact that is purposeful.

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We developed two websites, the Utah Black Chamber and Black Success Center, for our client James Jackson III, who founded both organizations. Karen, Alex, and I helped with the strategy, content, marketing, and website development for their team during a transitional period. This allowed us to work under tight deadlines while modernizing our client's web presence and aesthetic without sacrificing quality."