We bring the collective experience of a global agency to our community’slocal non-profits, small businesses, and entrepreneurs alike.

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Operator Agency

Jason Trader


Hello, I’m Jason Trader, a seasoned UX professional with over adecade of experience revitalizing and transforming businesses' web, mobile, anddigital applications through advanced user experience and design. With adiverse portfolio that spans across multiple sectors including finance, realestate, education, travel, hospitality, entertainment, and digital media, Ihave helped a wide range of companies, from small businesses and designagencies to global corporations such as CNBC, Publicis Groupe, CoStar Group,Stride Learning Inc, STR, Hilton Worldwide, Gensler, Havas Helia, NationalGeographic, and Sapient GS, improve their digital products and customerexperience. I am also the founder of Operator Agency, a company that specializesin helping businesses develop and/or improve their digital products andmarketing strategies.

Founder, CEO

Operator provides a unique perspective to deliver your unique digital needs at premium quality.

Our collective experience allows for us to provide several high-end services.

Brand Strategy

We help organization’s reach their unique goals through mastery of brand management and marketing.


We assist with developing experiences, and strategies for customer’s through building concept models and sketches.

UX/UI Design

We then can execute on all concepts and strategies by building out front end user interfaces, experiences, and systems.

Product Design

Our team can then combine all previous steps to formulate, develop, and test an idea until a working product is built.