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Gensler is a global design and architecture firm founded in San Francisco also operating out of Washington, DC, which leveraged our talent to build a responsive website for their client TransWall. TransWall has partnered with designers, builders and business owners across the country to create tailored office designs and workspaces. Their products include movable glass partitions, demountable office fronts, and interior glass wall systems that inspire performance, without compromising aesthetics.

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The brief was simplistic in nature andallowed us the capacity and freedom to ideate on a blank canvas. Our team builtthe front-end user experience for the current website which they utilize tosell their services, products, and consultancy offerings.The brand’s websiteneeded a modernization to elevate the user experience, informationarchitecture, and design the front end experience. The process was smooth sincewe were able to lead the strategy and development of the creative side ofthings, while maintaining a level of trust and transparency with the client.